Published: 02/02/2017
Nestlé workers in Israel are now covered by a collective agreement which confirms and enhances the rights previously negotiated site-by-site.

The signing took place at Histadrut head office in Tel Aviv on January 29, the eve of the completion of Nestlé’s full acquisition of the Israel-based Osem Group, in which Nestlé has participated since 1995.

The agreement, which applies to the Group’s 3,750 employees across 11 sites, protects and preserves all rights deriving from collective agreements, arrangements and practices in force prior to Nestlé’s acquisition of the 30% share in Osem which it did not already own.


Present at the signing were the chairman of the Histadrut, the leadership of the IUF-affiliated Food and Pharmaceutical Union and the heads of the union committees in the Group.