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Dairy Workers News

Milk price volatility and job destruction 18-05-2017

The National Union of Workers (NUW) in Australia will fight the scheduled closures of dairy factories at Kiewa, Rochester and Edith Creek in an effort to save 360 jobs and protect rural communities.

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Dairy unions meet in India to plan actions for growth 04-05-2017


The IUF convened a national dairy meeting on 22-23 April 2017 in Bangalore, India which was attended by 38 delegates from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Although most of the participants work in the cooperative sector, the unions from the private sector dairies Schreiber Dynamics and Ferrero also contributed to the meeting.

Delegates at the meeting planned for actions to promote and defend the rights of young workers, of women, of contract workers and those working in the private sector and to recruit more of these workers into their unions.

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ATILRA intervenes in SanCor crisis in Argentina 27-04-2017

HectorPonceArgentina's major dairy cooperative, SanCor, is in financial crisis and the IUF affiliated dairy union ATILRA has intervened to salvage the company, and save the jobs of thousands of employees and protect communities which depend upon Sancor for their livelihoods.

The union has called on members to regularly donate a contribution of their salaries to the union workers at SanCor who urgently need support.

ATILRA General Secretary, Hector Ponce

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Lactalis/Parmalat lift lockout as Australian workers win an important victory 21-03-2017

Parmalat%20Summary%203Lactalis/Parmalat have lifted their 61-day lockout and withdrawn proceedings to terminate the existing enterprise bargaining agreement after the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Electrical Trades Union struck a new agreement with the company which strengthens protection against precarious work.

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New Zealand Dairy Workers Union continues to organize and grow 03-02-2017

The IUF affiliate, the NZ Dairy Workers Union, has been successful in its strategy to organize workers who work for new employers in their industry and now has members and collective bargaining agreements with Danone, Yili and Yashili as well as with some new smaller domestic companies.
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German milk producers seek more stable pricing mechanisms 03-02-2017

Milk producers in Germany are discussing measures to counter the effects of fluctuating milk prices. They seek greater certainty in contracting over quantity and price, expansion and strengthening of cooperative structures and investment in more niche high demand products.
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Volatility in dairy commodities market set to continue 03-02-2017

From July to December 2016, whole milk powder prices rose 73% off a very low base to be at their highest since June 2014. Without better management of supply on a global scale, milk producers will continue to suffer through boom and bust cycles which destabilize the industry and put jobs at risk.
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Arla Foods invest in production, negotiate reduction in temporary work 02-02-2017

Arla Foods have unveiled plans to invest EUR335 million in existing production sites in 2017. This is a 50% increase in investments from the previous year. The production upgrades will facilitate the company shift into more branded sales and food service categories, dairy proteins and spreadable cheese and cream cheese categories.

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Dairy workers in Karnataka, India declare: "Young workers need unions, unions need young workers!" 23-08-2016

Dairy77On August 12, the IUF-affiliated Dairy Employees Federation of India (DEFOI) celebrated International Youth Day for the first time, organizing a conference of young dairy workers from eight districts in the state of Karnataka, India.
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Australian Parmalat/Lactalis workers beat lockout to win important gains in new agreement 18-07-2016

26 day strike ends at GSK Horlicks with reinstatement and permanent jobs 16-06-2016

Strike action at the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Horlicks dairy beverage factory in India has ended in victory with the reinstatement of the union president, unconditional withdrawal of all charges against union leaders and members and permanent jobs for 160 long-term casual workers. 

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Affiliates strengthen Dairy Division at Conference in Cape Town. 07-06-2016

Affiliates pledged to increase their efforts in building international union alliances within trans national dairy companies, organize more workers into unions and to share information on collective bargaining and organizing successes.
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1,950 workers continue strike action at GSK Horlicks factory in India 05-06-2016

Members of the IUF-affiliated Milk Food Factory Workers Union at the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Horlicks dairy beverage factory in India continue their strike action to protest the company's assault on trade union rights. 

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Employers walk away from wage bargaining in Argentina 04-05-2016

Dairy employers in Argentina have suspended negotiations with IUF affiliate Atilra as the union works to renew the sector wide collective bargaining agreement.
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Spanish Dairy Workers fight Lactalis factory closure 25-04-2016

laukiprotest.jpgWorkers employed by Lactalis in the Spanish city of Valladolid were joined by supporters on April 23 to protest the determination by the French based dairy TNC to close the factory by the end of June.
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India: Strengthening Organization in the Dairy Sector. 18-03-2016

thanksDWUsmall The organizing plans of The Dairy Employees Federation of India (DEFOI) focus on increasing the organization of contract workers including women workers. Unions in the federation plan to increase the participation of young workers. DEFOI celebrated their partnership with the New Zealand Dairy Workers Union
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Arla to close fresh milk plant in the UK 11-03-2016

Dairy Cooperative Arla Foods has announced that it will close its fresh milk plant in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, by July 2016, slashing up to 230 jobs, including 137 members of the IUF affiliate Unite the Union.
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Dairy Workers win in Argentina 08-03-2016

IUF affiliate ATILRA reached a settlement in its dispute with the Buenos Aires cheese manufacturer Barazza S.A. in the third day of a strike.
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Danone reveals investments in Africa 07-03-2016

Danone revealed at the end of February 2016 that it has made two transactions in Africa, a continent the French group dubs "a strategic region" for the company.
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ATILRA members strike at Buenos Aires cheese company. 02-03-2016

Barrazastrike2016smallWorkers employed by the Buenos Aires cheese manufacturer Barazza S.A. began an indefinite strike on February 29 in defense of their basic rights. The company harassed union delegates and members of the Argentinian dairy union ATILRA after issues were raised concerning non compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and the company avoidance of obligations with regard to members' health and education.
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GSK Horlicks launches attack on dairy union in India 25-02-2016


Local management at the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) dairy plant in Nabha, India, launched a series of attacks on the trade union in response to demands to recognize the right of long-term casual workers to permanent jobs. 

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Court clears union boycott call in Turkey 14-01-2016

sutas_0A court in Turkey determined that the language used in the Tekgıda-İş campaign material against Sütaş, one of the leading national dairy companies, was based on the concrete facts about the unfairly dismissed workers and therefore should be considered as freedom of expression not unfair competition.
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Danone invests EUR240m in a new infant formula plant in Netherlands 02-12-2015

Danone has announced an investment of EUR240m (US$255m) that will see it construct a "state-of-the-art" infant formula facility in Cuijk, the Netherlands. The facility will start production in late 2017 and manufacture Danone's early life nutrition brands including Aptamil and Nutrilon for both standard and specialized products.
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Dairy unions in India to fight privatisation and precarious working conditions 26-11-2015


Dairy unions in India are committed to fighting the back door privatization of cooperative dairies in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and to saving the jobs of thousands of members. In the recent meeting of Dairy Employees Federation of India (DEFOI), unions from all over the country committed strong support to UP dairy workers.
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Russia: IUF affiliates sign agreement with Danone providing additional protection in face of economic crises 01-09-2015

signing_danone_agreement_smallOn August 28 2015, two IUF affiliates representing Danone workers in Russia - AIWUR and NOVOIPROF - ratified a new national agreement with Danone Russia. The agreement aims to clarify the provisions of Danone-IUF 1997 agreement applied in case of changes in activities related to employment or terms of employment and interpret it in a way to be fully implemented in line with the national legislation and local context.
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IUF dairy unions highlight TPP threat to rights and livelihoods 28-08-2015

IUFDairyDivisionRepresentatives of IUF dairy unions, meeting in San Francisco on August 26, highlighted the damaging potential of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to reduce wages and working conditions and destroy the livelihoods of workers and small producers in the dairy sector. IUF Dairy Division affiliates include unions from 9 of the 12 countries represented in the secretive negotiations.

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Teamsters Canada tell their Government not to trade dairy workers' jobs 24-07-2015

"We and our brothers and sisters in the dairy industries in NZ, Australia and the US share several concerns."
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Unite attacks "fat cat" Dairy Crest boss as pay dispute looms 02-07-2015

The IUF-affiliated Unite that represents workers at UK cheese-to-spreads group Dairy Crest has criticized the bonus the group's chief executive is reportedly due on completion of the sale of Dairy Crest's dairies division to Muller. The union's stinging attack comes ahead of pay talks scheduled for the end of the month.
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Dairy Employees Federation of India (DEFOI) consolidates and prepares for increased TNC presence 26-01-2015

DEFOI with support from the IUF will research TNC entry into India and conduct activist education to strengthen the ability of unions to respond effectively to the changing organizing and bargaining environment.
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Texas Teamsters reach contract agreement with Danone 26-01-2015

Teamsters Local 997 members at Danone`s Fort Worth, Texas, plant have ratified an agreement with the company, gaining participation in the Western Conference of Teamsters pension fund, the largest multi-employer pension plan in the United States. The three-year agreement also includes wage increases and health care protections.
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Dairy Division to focus on organizing within TNC's 13-10-2014

The Dairy Division Coordinating Group met in San Francisco, California, on October 3&4 to discuss strategies to defend rights and organize more workers under the Fair Deal For Dairy Workers initiative.
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Saputo dairy workers overwhelmingly choose Teamsters 06-10-2014

Workers at the Saputo Inc. cheese production facility in Lena,Wisc., have voted overwhelmingly, 367 to 79, in favor of representation by Teamsters Local 662 in Green Bay, Wisc. There are 459 production, maintenance and warehouse workers.
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Sütas Dairy Company dismisses workers, then dumps manure to intimidate picketing unionists in Turkey 08-09-2014

sutasUnion members at the Turkish Sütas dairy company are fighting for their rights against mass intimidation by management including dismissals, criminal complaints to the prosecution office, police raids on the union offices and the dumping of 13 tons of liquid manure on the sit-in area across the factory gate where the dismissed workers were picketing.  CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO SÜTAS.
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Fonterra: first CBA in Malaysia, job cuts in Southern Hemisphere 22-08-2014

20140819-AldoLezana610_0Fonterra Malaysia and the IUF affiliated FIEU have concluded their CBA negotiations.This year there have been job cuts in Chile, NZ and Australia. Aldo Lezana, President of the National Federation of Dairy Workers, Chile, is pictured on the left.
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Fonterra cuts 104 union jobs in NZ 06-08-2014

104 positions held by members of IUF affiliates the NZDWU and EPMU are to be removed from Canpac, the Fonterra specialty packing plant in Hamilton, NZ.
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IUF members oppose closure of 3 Danone plants in Italy, Germany and Hungary 19-06-2014

Danone's intention to close 3 European factories producing dairy products - in Italy, Germany and Hungary - will destroy a total of 325 jobs and will seriously threaten the job security of workers at warehouses, logistics and related companies that service those Danone plants.
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Expansion and realignment in global dairy industry 30-05-2014

Nestle and Fonterra swap assets in Latin America while Arla increases its presence in the lucrative UK market.
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IUF dairy affiliates to fight trade and investment agreements 01-04-2014

IUF dairy division members call on their respective Governments to abandon the current model of investment agreements and to conduct trading relationships which respect human rights and promote food security and economic sovereignty.
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ATILRA open technology education center and host 3rd IUF global dairy conference 25-03-2014

dairy%20conference%20smallerThe Argentinian dairy union's technology education center in Sunchales, Santa Fe is a modern well designed facility aimed at providing university level education in the skills of dairy processing, research and innovation.
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A Fair Deal For Dairy Workers 14-03-2014

fair%20deal%20picture%201The IUF is issuing an initiative of a Fair Deal For Dairy Workers(FDFDW) to demand that their rights as workers are respected. In the dairy industry we want to stop employers abusing workers' rights and driving down wages and working conditions in a competitive race to the bottom.
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PepsiCo sells off dairy farms in Russia 26-02-2014

Like a shook-up can of Pepsi, PepsiCo company is bubbling over with plans for its Russian operations. After four relatively quiet years since taking over leading dairy producer Wimm-Bill-Dann (WBD), PepsiCo has announced it is to 'quit the farm' - focusing solely on processing.
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Yogurt production to leave Antioch for Danone Fort Worth Texas 14-02-2014

Brown Cow Yogurt owned 80% by Danone will shut down its Antioch operation and move production of yogurt from its current location in Antioch, California to a facility in Texas within Groupe Danone. The IUF affiliated Teamsters let the negotiations for its members to be effected by the closure with the support of the IUF.
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Hector Ponce re-elected General Secretary of ATILRA for a further four year term 16-01-2014

The inauguration of the new national board of the Argentinian Dairy Union, ATILRA was held on January 8 where General Secretary Hector Luis Ponce was applauded on his election for a further four year term. ATILRA has 27000 members who all work in the dairy sector, a large increase since Hector Ponce was first elected General Secretary 12 years ago.
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Danone to Sue New Zealand's Fonterra Over Baby Formula Recall 09-01-2014

On August 2, 2013, Fonterra issued an alert concerning a possible contamination of certain ingredients supplied to Danone. Additional tests revealed later on that it was in fact a false alert.
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Danone Rotselaar employees go back to work after a deal is reached following 8 days of strike against restructuring 22-11-2013

The employees of dairy producer Danone in Rotselaar at a staff meeting on November 19 approved the draft agreement regarding restructuring and redundancies that management and unions had achieved. After an 8 days of strike majority of workforce started production again on November 20.
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Danone Signs Deal to Invest in Russian Dairy Farms 04-11-2013

French food group Danone signed a deal recently to co-fund the construction of dairy farms alongside Russian firm Damate to try to secure long-term milk supplies in the fast-growing Russian market.
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Arla Foods restructure in Sweden 28-10-2013

Germany: NGG organizes a warning strike at Bavarian dairy industry 02-10-2013

China's huge dairy market attractive and problematic for TNCs 30-09-2013

Dairy Top 20 11-09-2013