Published: 13/12/2013

Hotel and restaurant workers in Curitiba, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Parana, have been on strike since November 30 against the employers’ refusal to increase wages. Employers’ representatives have not only refused to negotiate in good faith but have also appealed to the tribunal to prevent protesters from holding noisy actions in front of hotels and restaurants.

“To draw the attention of passersby, workers on strike have put a muzzle on their mouthes to higlight the situation we are going through. We have been gagged, we are being denied the right to protest for better working conditions, but they will not silence us” said Moacyr Roberto Tesch, president of the IUF-affiliate Contratuh.

Workers are demanding a 10% pay rise, in according with profits generated in the sector, plus 2% for each year of service and free transportation to workplaces.

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