Published: 04/03/2013

Tourism Concern and IUF will cooperate in seeking to better understand how the all-inclusive model of tourism is impacting upon the rights of hotel workers across the globe. The All-Inclusive hotel/holiday package model is becoming increasingly pervasive and there is growing market demand from consumers, reflecting the challenging global economic climate.

To actively promoting AIs, major European tour operators are investing in research and projects to support their arguments that AIs can be ‘sustainable’ and are not inherently ‘unsustainable’, whereas IUF and its members have often raised concerns that all-inclusives drive down cost margins and with them, the pay and conditions of hotels workers. Furthermore, our feedback over years is that it does not benefit the local community, economy, or local entrepreneurs.

We will address the following key research questions: How does the AI hotel/holiday package model impact upon working conditions and labour rights of hotel sector employees? How do working conditions at AI hotels affect the wider social and economic status and living conditions of AI employees and their families?