Published: 19/04/2018
PeruABInBev1Peru’s brewery giant Backus has been aggressively attacking its workers and their rights since being acquired by AB InBev in late 2016, dismissing some 1,500 workers and replacing them with casual employees.

AB InBev has unilaterally discarded parts of the CBA that was recently signed with the IUF-affiliated National Union of Workers of Peruvian Backus and  Johnston and has unilaterally increased weekly working hour to 56 hours for 7 days with 3 consecutive working Sundays in a month at its Motupe plant.

Some of the union leaders who have protested these imposed changes have been suspended and others have been threatened with dismissal.

In the face of this hostile attitude towards union leaders and workers the union organized a 2-day national strike at the company on April 11 and 12.

The IUF calls on AB InBev to stop its anti-union actions in Peru and urges the company to respect the CBA and negotiate with the union in good faith.