Published: 10/02/2014
The six workers sacked following an action on September 28 at the Gate Gourmet Geneva office have been vindicated by the Public Prosecutor.

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In order to justify the six dismissals, Gate Gourmet brought criminal charges (trespass, rioting, verbal abuse, personal injury) against them. But following a police investigation and by reason of inconsistencies in the testimonies of the executives who filed the complaint, the Prosecutor decided on February 4th not to proceed for lack of evidence.

This result confirms not only the innocence of the strikers, but the abusive, anti-union nature of the dismissals as well.

Now that the case has been thrown out of court, the Public Service Workers Union, SSP, has renewed its call to the cantonal government to demand that Gate Gourmet respects the collective agreement that it unilaterally terminated on 31 December 2013, revokes the dismissals and reinstates the 6 abusively dismissed workers.

Gate Gourmet has lodged an appeal against the Prosecutor’s decision.