Published: 17/06/2002

Over 1,400 workers on Ecuador’s banana plantations have been struggling against violence and repression for basic human rights since February this year. From June 17-28, trade union representatives of the striking workers will be visiting supporters in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Italy as part of the international support campaign now underway. The European visit will build additional pressure on the government of Ecuador and the Noboa Corporation, the world’s fourth largest banana company and owner of the Bonita brand, for recognition of the workers’ rights.

The IUF, our Danish affiliate SiD, and IUF members in Belgium, German and Italy are bringing Moises Arturo Fuentefria of FENACLE and Juan Lopez Leon from the Los Alamos workers to Europe to help build public awareness and support. They will be speaking to transport and retail workers’ unions, who have already mobilized in support They will be speaking to trade union organizations, consumer and human rights groups, to Members of the European Parliament (whose Committee on Development and Cooperation has requested the attendance of the Ecuadorian ambassador at its meeting of 19-20 June) and to the press, at a series of meetings and press conferences organized by the IUF and its European affiliates.

For further information, contact Sue Longley at the IUF secretariat in Geneva.