Published: 14/03/2013

A peaceful demonstration in front of Atatürk International Airport on May 29 2012 protesting a government attempt to deny aviation workers the right to strike was followed by the brutal dismissal of 305 union members. The proposal to remove the right to strike for aviation workers has since been withdrawn but 305 workers remain without work. ITF affiliate Hava-Is is fighting to get these jobs back.

Their fight includes a permanent picket of dismissed workers, their families and their supporters in front of Atatürk International Airport gate B.

The IUF delegation joined the Hava-Is picket line in solidarity to mark a new stage of IUF support to the ITF and its international campaign for justice for dismissed Turkish Airline members. IUF general secretary Ron Oswald (second from left in the photo) and international officer Burcu Ayan (3rd from left) pledged the IUF’s practical and unconditional support to the ITF campaign.